I have a beautiful friend, she was even the most beautiful girl in my secondary school till my graduation . She’s always been the center of attention if we meet new guys like she always gets the first approach . It’s not like I was bothered about it then because I wasn’t really interested in having a boyfriend . Anytime a guy likes me then, I usually feel somehow that he actually saw her and went for me instead. The one time in my life that I ever liked a guy wholeheartedly, I learnt the guy also likes me but was the shy type so his friends made the approach for him but it was awkward and weird so I declined because it came from his friend . He was the most handsome guy in our school then and he happens my one year senior in class so most people know we liked each other but I believe I liked him more because till now, that’s been the deepest I’ve fallen for a guy . I was so mad when I got to know that the guy actually liked me and this my beautiful friend and didn’t know who to go for . So his friend advised him to go for me first probably because we used to chat on 2go then meaning we’ve spoken before . I was so heartbroken that I loved him alone with my whole heart and he had divided feelings for me . I was able to get over him because I needed a reason to get over him then . Months later after he graduated and left our school, we started talking again and he tried to flirt and ask me out through text messages, he even asked me to send my pictures but I declined because I was over him then . To cut it short, till now I still feel insecure to post my beautiful friend’s pictures because I feel if I post it, some of my admirers might switch up from me to her again . I still have the feeling till today and I need advice on this 😢


  1. Lol. I know you are beautiful, if they choose the other Person, they don’t deserve you, you deserve to be number 1 on anyone’s mind always

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