๐Ÿ˜” still me

Don’t ever forget life has ups and downs . Whatever you do today will surely come back to you . Mike for this pain you’re causing my brother over there and for all the tears i have cried , your reward awaits you . You’ll live to regret bitterly every wrong decision you made and for every single time my brother treated you as a friend for you to treat him worse than a beggar , may you and your generation never find help whenever they seek help . All these prayers will not work on you only if my brother ever wronged you in any way . He payed to buy his own damn food , you collected the money and starved him just because he’s under your roof and he has no other option . Iโ€™m so mad right now ,what kind of friend seizes a grown ass man’s phone with all this corona boredom . What kind of sick act is that . My parents never treated him that way๐Ÿ‘ฟ . Anyways itโ€™s my brother i blame for considering your evil self as a friend . How i wish he knew the kind of person you were . May God punish you for life

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