Iโ€™m really sad right now . My only brother went to Ghana to try and get a better life but he’s being maltreated by the guy he’s staying with. They were supposed to be friends o asin very close friends . I remember my brother has helped that guy countless times before he started making money but what annoys me the most is that the guy was the one who asked my brother to come over . Only for him to change overnight because my brother is broke even to the extent of seizing my brother’s phone. I have been trying to reach my brother to no avail . I just hope he’s fine over there please FAM help me pray for him. And with all these corona nonsense he canโ€™t come back home right now . I swear if i have a gun and I see that guy , I may just mistakenly shoot him for all the rubbish treatment he’s been giving to my brother. Iโ€™m in tears right now , if my mom were alive Iโ€™m positive all these rubbish wouldn’t have been happening๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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