I cheated on my boyfriend . I didn’t have sex with the guy , he only touched my(boobs) . The main issue was that all along me and my boyfriend were dating , the guy was in the picture . When my boyfriend first noticed and asked me about the guy , I lied to him because I was scared of him knowing the whole truth but yeah he has his way and he found out.

He was really hurt , I realised what I did wasn’t pleasant and I take full responsibility for my bad choices . I apologised for days and begged him to take me back. He did and we were back on track and we promised each other never to talk about the issue anymore but I noticed most times when we talked , he’s kinda cold towards me . I know it’s not that easy to forget because it’s a healing process and I was ready to do everything to make him forgive me.

During these period , he would always tell me how much he loves me and how much he missed me and I was happy that I got my man back. All of a sudden , I woke up to messages from him about how much he’s hurt and he’s not happy with me at all . I mean I understand you aren’t happy with me but you acted all cool while you were hurting. You could have let me know and now it seems he doesn’t love me anymore and he wants me out of his life but now I’m practically begging him not to leave me.

I don’t know what to do anymore , I know what I did was bad and all but does he actually love me ? Why did he say he has forgiven me when he was not even happy with me at all . I can feel his hatred towards me when I called him after getting those messages .

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