Letter to Red💋💄

Hey Red,

Cheer up. People’s action show their real intention towards you. Forget about that asshole, he doesn’t worth you. Then the naysayers, that’s all they can ever be. Tongue waggers who spoil everything they could never hope to achieve with their tongue. Like i always say, any woman is in control of her shit in Nigeria is termed “ashawo”, so why bother with what they think about you. They are never worth it.

As for love, finding love is like a journey. There will be ups and downs. Also good and bad. See it has a good thing that men show you who they are, not who you want them to be. That way you won’t be entrapped. Never ever settle Red. Marriage, kids, grandkids, those things will come. All in their own time.

I want you to be happy. You have so much to be happy about. So much to do. Go on dates, eat as much as you want. If they talk about you, that’s their business. You’re a motherfucking queen. Never let anyone make you doubt that. You have privilege and that is not a crime.

From a lady who understands how you feel,

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