Hey guys . So i have been battling whether to do this or not but if i am to be who i am to be , I guess I should . I believe if you find a way out of a darkness you owe it to others to draw a map and thats what i am about now.
I have been battling with depression and social anxiety for a greater part of my life, attempted suicide three times . It was on the last one that I realized I never truly wanted to die . I just wanted attention and to see how people would miss me . Naive I know . Also everything that made me depressed wasn’t my fault or I could do something about them if I really wanted to so bad . I was sad because I didn’t like the way I looked , I hated being slim and had a big nose or so I thought . I wanted to be something yet I didn’t want to work for it . I intentionally closed my heart to the options I had around me and dwelled only on how bad I felt. I fed my depression . I quit two jobs good ones because I didn’t know how to be around people . I always felt they were talking about me and laughing at me. My story long . I would go buy BP Drugs and stacked them up waiting for the day I would have had enough so i can take it and die . I read it makes your heart stop , no struggling and no chance of survival . mhmmm where do i even begin!!
But the good news is I found a way to get better and I really have , I look back at 2019 and I know if I was who I used to be , I would have killed myself and my husband.
When I read a lot of write ups here , I recognize me in a lot of people and I want to help . I want everyone to get better.
I studied psychology and I am also a certified life coach. You can talk to me and I promise to hold your hand while you recover.

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