A happy girlfriend 😍

My boyfriend cares for me sooo much 🙄He fucks me really good🥵🙄he calls me his wife 😻 He tells me everything and I always do the same
He calls me to check on me
He’s my dream man tbh
He doesn’t complain or nag
And he’s loyal I swear
He doesn’t even flirt or anything
I don’t even feel insecure because my babe is very God fearing …I know people will say it’s not possible but I can swear he doesn’t cheat
Buys me stuffs every weekend
He’s not working,we’re both in school but he makes sure he takes care of me in his own little way with his allowance
Now that he doesn’t have money , he’s doing all of these 😻what if he actually starts earning
I love you so much baby
And I pray everything goes as planned for us ❤️❤️❤️I hope this lasts forever boo

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