Mr sweetface❤️

About two and a half month ago, I met the love of my entire existence. Just by a tiny strip of luck and some high utterance, my whole life was changed forever. I never thought i would meet someone that will make my existence double worth it. Despite being of different religion, living across the world from each other and also being on a 7hrs time difference , we somehow make it work . We are like a well oiled machine. I mean this wonderful , fine ass man bought me a cake so he can he can sing me a birthday song . I even got to blow out the candles over FaceTime. I love you so much Mr sweet face . I pray to God that our union lasts forever and that our love and care for each other never dwindles even in the toughest of times that are sure to come. Thanks for making me “Aderonke” the happiest female in the whole entire galaxy.

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