I’m just thinking , what’s the difference between a narcissist and an abuser ? I had an ex who used to beat me like we were in a boxing ring . He was so abusive physically, emotionally and financially . As much as I want to believe he’s a narcissist he doesn’t have the traits I’ve read about on the internet . I hate to admit it but I hope he beats this new girlfriend too . She was supposedly a friend who always laughed at my bruises telling me it was all my fault for calling him out on his B’s . I’m not flawless but he almost always beat me into unconsciousness and she started sleeping with him early this year . Right now they’re in a supposedly loving relationship , he even moved in with her , left his palatial living arrangements to move into a self-contained flat . He said she’s never insulted him . Like guy I insulted you when you beat me over the most trivial issues . Do abusers ever change ? I hope not in this case so that she’d get a share of what I got . Did I mention he cheated on me severally and I was too scared of being alone that I stayed with him . Would he suddenly become a better man for her??