Hey everyone , Emotional girl is really emotional . You see everyone cheats but she blew things out of proportion and forced me to take solace in another woman . She began nagging and I got tired . This other girl gave me the peace I needed . The last time she visited , we fought and I ended up saying some really harsh things to her because she called the new girl to say stuff and I love this girl too much to lose her . I told emotionally effed up girl that I was tired but she refused to get the memo. Well she had 2 abortions for me but that doesn’t mean I have to stay with her if we weren’t making each other happy . She cried so many times begging me to act right and I felt sooo bad but she just wasn’t the one . Why fix something with someone who didn’t respect me, insulted me . She supported me too though like she was the realest member of my team but the spark wasn’t there anymore . We were toxic to each other.